AREC 699/829: Special Topics in Applied Econometrics. Past syllabi are available by request.

In 2013 the topic was Bayesian Models, Methods and Applications.

In 2012 the topic was "Spatial Econometrics and Statistics"

In 2011 the topic was  "Causal Inference from Laboratory Experiments, Field Experiments, and Sample Surveys"

In 2010 the topic was "Econometric Problems in the Design and Analysis of Surveys"

In 2009, the topic was Time-Series Econometrics

In 2008, the topic was Monte Carlo Methods, Bootstrapping, and Simulation of

DynamicStochastic Systems    

In 2007, the topic was Bayesian Statistics and Econometrics.

In 2006, the topic was Likelihood methods in statistics and econometrics; the EM  Algorithm and its applications.                          

In 2005, the topic was Computational Statistics: Monte Carlo, Bootstrapping and Simulation.                                         

In 2003, the topic was Nonparametric Statistics and Econometrics.

In 2002, the topic was Panel Data Econometrics.

In 2001, the topic was Computational Methods in Economics